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1. Cabinets and franchisees, which are determined by the industry characteristics of cabinets and wardrobes, have experienced a lack of products, wrong plate size, wrong hole location, serious logistics damage, repeated installation, delayed delivery, etc., and really can't afford to be hurt

2. The franchised enterprises are insufficient and eager for success

the success of cabinet and wardrobe stores. In order to get married, they only show their bright side to each other, hide their shortcomings, and pursue flash marriage. Such a marriage is doomed to be unhappy from the beginning

3. Insufficient understanding of the wardrobe industry

many franchisees are at a loss, and business difficulties are common

only by doing a good job in direct marketing of cabinet and wardrobe brands can we do a good job in joining

1. Fully display the brand image

Direct stores, controlled by brand enterprises themselves, can tackle key problems, win good stores, decorate according to the highest standards, and display the most complete products

2. Direct stores are the practice base of brands

the key of customization industry: standardized product system, mature production mode, perfect order system and professional training team all need to explore and refine in Direct stores. Whether the product design is beautiful and the process structure is reasonable needs to be inspected in the direct sale store. The running in of the production system requires the order test of Direct stores. The order system and operation process need to be operated in the direct stores first and improved. The design and installation team needs to be trained in Direct stores. How to do after-sales service also needs direct stores to explore. Direct stores are product inspection bases, management practice bases and talent training bases

3. Talent transmission base

Direct stores can continuously cultivate new store managers, designers, shopping guides and installation masters. These personnel can be transferred to the company to serve as the technical backbone of the company and enrich the technical strength of the company; You can also go to the franchise store to provide professional services. Talents trained from stores will become the backbone of enterprises with high brand loyalty. Without the support of these technical forces, cabinet and wardrobe brands cannot succeed

4. Strong support point of sales and profits

the direct sales system is different from the franchise system. The company directly obtains terminal profits, not wholesale profits. Direct stores, which are directly managed by the company and strongly supported by the company, generally have excellent performance and will bring sales and profits to the enterprise. According to industry statistics, the average performance of Direct stores is generally three times that of franchise stores. Although the initial investment is a little larger, in the long run, opening direct stores is a good thing for cabinet and wardrobe enterprises to earn both fame and wealth

5. Demonstration base for investment promotion

seeing is believing rather than fooling investment promotion. And, with the stores all over the country

therefore, Direct stores must be opened for cabinet and wardrobe enterprises. The success of Direct stores is crucial to the success of brands. Cabinet and wardrobe brands recognize this, don't be superstitious about attracting investment, and start from direct stores in a down-to-earth manner




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