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Everyone is familiar with the dining table. It is an essential kind of furniture when we eat. A good dining table is not only very fashionable and beautiful, but also can ensure the smoothness of eating and bring people a good mood. But in the market of our country, there are many tables, which one is better? Now let's introduce in detail: what kind of table is good and how much is the price of household table? I hope I can give you some help and enlightenment

the kind of table is good:

first, the kind of table is good --- American rural dining table and chair combination

reference price: 3880 yuan

from the figure, we can see that it adopts an open paint process, and the desktop has both a three-dimensional feeling and a smooth feeling. In addition, the frame is made of white wax wood imported from the United States, with solid wood as auxiliary materials. The shape design of the double fork is not only simple, but also American style

second, the kind of table is good --- folding telescopic table and chair combination

reference price: 2380 yuan

from the figure, we can see that it takes solid wood as the frame, which is not only atmospheric and beautiful, but also solid and durable, and the texture is clear, which has the natural touch of the original ecology, and can bring fresh visual sense. The round corner treatment, which seems simple, can protect the safety of the elderly and children

third, the kind of table is good --- modern style table

reference price: 1773 yuan

from the figure, we can see that it adopts Beige as the main tone, plus piano paint baking process, which not only has good gloss, but also is very environmentally friendly. The Striped column at the bottom of the dining table can save space and is beautiful and fashionable

fourth, the kind of good table --- European simple table

reference price: 1680 yuan

from the figure, we can see that its design and shape are very simple, with white as the main color, coupled with the carving process on the side of the table, it can give new vitality to the table, so that the products are no longer monotonous, emitting a strong artistic flavor. Leather cushions and dining chairs can give the host a comfortable sitting feeling and show European dignity

v. the kind of table is good -

when choosing a table, we should not only consider its aesthetics, but also focus on practicality. It is best to choose products that conform to ergonomic design. Therefore, when choosing a table, you must try to sit and check, and see whether the height between the table and the ground is 70— 75cm, whether the table top width of the dining table is more than 75cm

article summary: here is the knowledge about the good dining table and the price of household dining table. The dining table is an essential piece of furniture for our dinner party. An atmospheric and high-grade dining table is not only very beautiful, but also highlights the temperament and quality of the host. Therefore, when choosing, we should carefully choose and not be careless




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