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On the occasion of the successful conclusion of the program, Huang Yu, the volunteer representative of this activity and the general manager of Yueyang Oushennuo ceramics, had an in-depth understanding of the significance of love and public welfare of the program

on July 5, the 2019 Nordic plan public welfare activity Yueyang station, jointly sponsored by Oushennuo ceramics and the China Youth Development Foundation, was officially launched. Nordic volunteers and their delegation entered the Yueyang mountain area of Hunan Province and came to Xieping primary school in Yuping Town, Pingjiang county to bring books, school supplies, sports equipment and other educational materials to children in remote mountain areas

on the occasion of the successful conclusion of the event, we interviewed Huang Yu, the volunteer representative of the event and the general manager of Yueyang Oushennuo ceramics, to have an in-depth understanding of the significance of the love and public welfare of the Nordic plan

Huang Yu, general manager of Yueyang Oushennuo ceramics

Nuo plan: can you share with us your feelings about participating in this activity

Huang Yu: first of all, I would like to thank the school principal, teachers and the volunteers of Nordic, who have contributed a lot of time and energy to the preparation of this activity, so that this activity can be carried out successfully. This time we use the form of garden party to carry out interactive activities, so that volunteers, teachers, parents and children can participate together and share the fun of the activities. I think the effect is very good. In addition, what impressed me was that the children were very sensible. They would consciously line up and queue up at gatherings or activities. Although the living conditions were difficult, they were very positive and cheerful

volunteer representative Huang Yu spoke on the stage

group photo of all teachers and students and volunteers

Nordic public welfare Yueyang station activity site

Nordic plan: have you participated in or organized similar public welfare activities before

Huang Yu: I personally support public welfare undertakings and have many friends who are enthusiastic about public welfare. In Yueyang, we have a local public welfare team called "Gardenia". In recent years, we have organized and carried out public welfare activities with various themes, such as poverty alleviation, environmental protection, civilized cities, etc. Not long ago, we just held a public welfare sports meeting

Yueyang Gardenia public welfare group

Nuodong plan: how is the development of Yueyang Oushennuo ceramics at present

Huang Yu: we are still in the early precipitation stage. After several years of development, we have been trusted by many local users and partners. Next, we will continue to dig deep into the market, take advantage of the brand advantages of osheno, deposit loyal users locally, and develop high-quality channel cooperation. On the other hand, we will continue to optimize team building and improve osheno's unique service system. Make public praise with quality and differentiate with service

Yueyang Oushennuo store environment

Nuodeng plan: in terms of public welfare or store operation, what are the next plans

Huang Yu: we are now preparing a public welfare basketball game covering the entire Yueyang region, combining brand promotion, market development and public welfare activities, hoping to make a valuable and more socially meaningful activity





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