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Seeing that the double 11 is approaching immediately, major aluminum alloy door and window enterprises often begin to be eager to prepare various promotion plans, both for promotion and sales. However, with the normalization of promotion, even if the discount of aluminum alloy doors and windows merchants is lower, it is difficult to receive the expected effect. It is undeniable that in the depressed market situation, it is understandable to carry out quotation and promotion. However, with the increasingly rational consumers, aluminum alloy door and window enterprises should first follow the bottom line of commodities, which is the king way for the company to achieve the expected intention of quotation and promotion and achieve sustainable development

quotation promotion that does not live up to the name

from the perspective of popularization, "quotation war" is still a universal law in today's China. In particular, the standardized commodity quotation measurement method based on the number of yuan per square meter is simpler and more intuitive than the quotation method of traditional aluminum alloy door and window enterprises, and it is easier for consumers to bear. However, with the increasingly fierce competition in aluminum alloy door and window shopping malls, some so-called low-cost packages only wear a cheap coat and do not bring essential concessions to consumers. This has greatly affected and damaged the image and reputation of aluminum alloy door and window enterprises in the hearts of consumers

aluminum alloy door and window enterprises need to keep the bottom line of products.

for companies that do well in all walks of life, quotation is only a thing that they narrow the gap with consumers, and the real essence of success is the ultimate pursuit of commodity quality. For example, Xiaomi's MIUI has become one of the most easy-to-use Android operating systems. Together with stabilizing the leading position in the mall, Xiaomi has begun to improve the hardware production technology of mobile phones. Fortunately, an increasing number of aluminum alloy door and window enterprises have begun to pay attention to the search for commodity quality, hoping to win public praise with reliable commodities. Whether it is a one-stop full package or a standardized half package, all aluminum alloy door and window enterprises should follow the bottom line of the commodity itself, that is, let consumers use it to be calm, calm and comfortable

there are still many strategies for promotion, but all kinds of promotion activities still need to return to brand promotion and brand operation itself, which requires major aluminum alloy door and window enterprises to do their best to improve their own strength, especially the commodity strength, so that brand promotion activities can truly give consumers benefits and brand motivation, so as to make the road of brand development go further and win more value-added space





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