How to apply for decoration loan in the bank

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Decoration loans, also known as home decoration loans, refer to loans launched by banks or consumer finance companies for the purpose of home housing decoration. The single loan limit of personal housing decoration loans issued by banks shall not exceed 50% of the total cost of decoration projects. So, how to apply for decoration loans in the bank? Now, the loan expert, the small editor of the housing finance institute, will come to give you a detailed answer

decoration loan

1. Decoration loan category

decoration loan at present, there are two kinds of loans and a credit card installment form that can be applied for, as follows:

1. Apply for personal credit loan to decorate

2. Decoration loan of personal consumption loan. Consumer loans here refer to licensed mortgage loans, that is, consumer loans applied for with real estate mortgages

3. Installment of credit card home decoration

4. In addition to the traditional way of bank loans, loans from consumer finance companies are also one of the alternative ways

II. Application conditions for decoration loan

1. Having local permanent residence and legal and valid identity certificate

2. Have a legitimate career and stable income, and have the ability to repay the principal and interest of the loan when due

3. The borrower can provide relevant asset certificates, bank statements, tax bill certificates, etc.

4. For the decoration of the newly purchased residence, the borrower should provide the house purchase and sale contract, purchase invoice and other materials (or for the re decoration of the original residence, the borrower should provide the proof of house ownership materials)

5. Other conditions stipulated by the cooperative organization

III. decoration loan processing process

1. Submit an application

the borrower shall fill in the application form at the loan handling outlet with the following supporting documents:

* valid ID card

* marriage status certificate

* pledge and mortgage certificates, in order for the guarantor to provide guarantee, must have guarantee certificates

2. Bank loan approval

the bank investigates the borrower's guarantee, credit and other conditions, approves them according to procedures, and notifies the borrower of the approval results

3. After the application of the borrower signed by both parties is approved, the following procedures shall be handled:

* sign the loan contract and corresponding guarantee contract with the bank

* handle notarization, insurance, mortgage (pledge) registration and other procedures

4. Loan granting

after the borrower completes the relevant procedures, the bank will grant the loan to the borrower's personal account and transfer the loan to the relevant payee's account according to the borrower's entrustment





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