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The fire prevention of home environment is mainly realized through three links: design, construction and use. Scientific design before decoration, standardized construction during decoration and correct use after decoration are all very important for fire prevention. For the owners who are decorating or are about to decorate, there are many decoration materials and building materials products that can play a fire-retardant effect; In the decoration process, the correct operation of the technological process is also a key step of fire prevention

most building materials focus on style rather than fire prevention

we learned from the home building materials market that, except for non combustible products such as stone, light steel keel, threading iron pipe and ceramic tile, most decorative materials and building materials sold on the market at present often make an issue of quality and style, but do not have fire prevention and flame retardancy. In a few curtain, mattress and floor brand stores, the fire-retardant products taken out by the salesperson are mainly used for tooling, and the style and color are very monotonous and limited

at the same time, when purchasing decorative materials or building materials, most consumers are more concerned about the quality and environmental protection performance of products, and the fire protection performance of products is not very important. Although a few consumers recognize the importance of material fire protection, they are confused about the specific classification of fire protection performance

study, bedroom and kitchen cabinets should be non combustible

according to experts, according to the code for fire protection design of interior decoration of buildings (gb50222-95), interior decoration materials can be divided into ceiling decoration materials, wall decoration materials, floor decoration materials, partition decoration materials, fixed furniture, decorative fabrics and other categories according to their use parts and functions; Decoration materials are divided into four categories according to their combustion performance: class a non combustible materials, Class B1 non combustible materials, class B2 combustible materials and class B3 combustible materials

in different parts of home decoration, different requirements are put forward for the combustion performance of decorative materials, such as study, bedroom, kitchen cabinet and other parts, which require that materials should be flame retardant or even non combustible, while fire-proof gypsum board, cement pressure board, glass magnesium board and other parts used for wall decoration should be flame retardant. Some combustible materials, such as plates, wooden floors, wooden doors, curtains, fabric sofas, etc., after special flame retardant treatment, the combustion performance can be increased to flame retardant. Various alkene materials, such as volatile alcohol, are flammable materials

■ fire prevention reminder

reminder 1 choose a regular home decoration company

when decorating in autumn and winter, workers may use electric furnaces and other equipment in order to warm up or speed up the construction progress. Workers who live on the construction site may use open flames, gas tanks, etc., which may cause potential safety hazards, so it is expressly prohibited. In the construction preparation stage, brand home decoration companies will carry out popularization publicity and training of fire prevention knowledge for on-site construction personnel, and it is strictly prohibited to stay at the construction site and use high-power electrical appliances such as open flames or electric furnaces. The construction site must also be equipped with tested, qualified and effective fire extinguishers. In principle, a 5-liter fire extinguisher should be equipped every 50 square meters

reminder 2 go to regular stores or supermarkets to buy products

take fireproof coating as an example, the cheapest barrel is only dozens of yuan, and the expensive one is hundreds of yuan. The quality of fire retardant coatings at different prices also varies greatly. Inferior fire retardant coatings not only fail to play a role in fire retardation, but may also become a combustion promoter. In addition, switches, panels and other products in the informal building materials market may not have passed the national 3C certification (China Compulsory Product Certification System), which is prone to short circuit, aging and leakage. Therefore, consumers should go to the regular building materials supermarket to buy, and should not be greedy for cheap and cause hidden dangers in the future

remind 3 to ask for the combustion performance test report of materials

if consumers are not confident about the materials provided by the decoration company, they can ask the decoration company to issue the combustion performance test report of relevant materials after the materials enter the site, so as to understand the fire rating requirements of the materials

■ fire prevention link

design high-power electrical appliances next to the use of advanced fire-proof materials

at the beginning of the decoration design, the owner should fully communicate with the designer, inform the designer what high-power electrical appliances or high-temperature and high-temperature equipment may be used in the future, and inform the designer where he hopes to place the equipment. After understanding the situation, designers should use materials with higher fire rating near high-power electrical appliances, such as electric heaters, and open fire, such as stove, and consciously avoid using combustible materials for decoration

in addition, from the perspective of design, owners should try to avoid using incandescent lamps when choosing lamps, because incandescent bulbs not only consume high energy, but also have extremely high temperature when lighting. It is also necessary to avoid using combustible finishing materials such as paper and cotton to cover the bulb, so as to avoid potential fire hazards

the construction shall be carried out according to the regulations. When using fire-proof materials

circuit gas and inviting professionals

to lay electrical circuits and transform gas, we must find a regular electrician with work license. Buried wires must be sleeved through insulated conduits, and it is strictly prohibited to directly bury exposed wires

when working near the gas pipeline, do not damage the pipeline and valve switch to avoid fire or explosion due to gas leakage

the surface of the wooden keel is painted with fire-proof paint

when decorating the ceiling, if the wooden keel must be used, the surface must be painted with fire-proof paint for 2-3 times. The ballast of the lamp should not be fixed on the wooden keel and ceiling finishing materials, but should be directly fixed on the cement top surface. In addition, the distribution box should not use a wooden keel frame

try to use fire-proof board

to make furniture, wooden doors and plates with top shape and background wall shape. For fire prevention, fire-proof paint must also be painted on the surface of the plate. If conditions permit, try to use fire boards

fire retardant grade for interior wall insulation

exterior wall insulation materials are generally provided by developers, and owners can make fire prevention on interior wall insulation in their rooms. Experts said that when the owner's home is transformed into an internal thermal insulation structure, all thermal insulation materials such as rock wool, benzene board, gypsum board and thermal insulation asbestos board should choose products with flame retardant performance. The keel used for thermal insulation wall shall be light steel keel

use the alarm device to cut off gas and power in time

in the selection of gas equipment, consumers must choose products provided by regular manufacturers and can only use them after being installed by professionals. Consumers had better choose the gas equipment with gas leakage alarm device. Once the gas leakage occurs in the stove, gas water heater and other equipment, they should cut off the gas and power at the first time, so as to prevent other electrical equipment in the home from making an open fire and igniting the gas during the starting process

what consumers need to pay special attention to is that glass containers such as glasses, wine bottles and aquariums at home should not be exposed to direct sunlight after storing water. Otherwise, after the light is refracted through the glass container, it will form a "convex mirror effect", and the refracted focus will fall on the nearby combustibles, which is very easy to cause a fire

■ fireproof material

fireproof floor: it is a floor that takes fiberboard, particleboard, plywood, etc. as the base material, coating or impregnated paper as the finishing material, and through flame retardant treatment, reaches a certain fire rating and has flame retardant function

fireproof Wallpaper: asbestos paper is used as the base material, and flame retardant is mixed in the PVC plastic coating material on the surface of the wallpaper, so that the wallpaper has a certain fire resistance and flame retardancy. The fire rating requirements of wallpaper in public environment are relatively high, and it is required that there is no toxic gas after the wallpaper is burned

fireproof mattress: the fabric on the surface of the mattress is treated with flame retardant. At present, most of the fire-proof mattresses of various brands on the market are sold to hotels, hotels and other public places, and are less used for home decoration

fire retardant coating: used on the surface of combustible substrate, it can reduce the flammability of the surface of the coated material and block the rapid spread of fire. In addition to its flame retardancy, some materials also have the properties of rust prevention, waterproof, corrosion prevention, wear resistance, heat resistance and so on

fireproof window: it is composed of steel window frame, steel window sash and fireproof glass, which can isolate and prevent the spread of fire. The filling materials inside the steel and wood frames shall be non combustible materials. The sealing material between the frame and the fire-proof glass shall be made of non combustible materials, which can play the role of fire prevention and smoke separation in case of fire




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